Family Medicine

– Routine wellness exams, sports/school physicals, pre-op/medical clearance

– Cardiometabolic risk evaluation*

– Nutrition evaluation and counseling*

– Fitness and body composition evaluation*

– Chronic disease management

– Metabolic Syndrome

-Thyroid disorder




-Referral to certified health coaches, registered dietitians, and fitness specialists at discounted rates

Acute/Urgent Care

-Abscess I&D (incision and drainage)*


-Upper respiratory infection

-Minor laceration repair (glue/sutures/staples)*

-Sutures/staple removal*


-Asthma exacerbation*

Body, Mind & Soul

-Weight loss management*

-Nutritional evaluation and counseling

-Lifestyle evaluation and counseling

-Exercise plan

-Holistic medical care and management

-Referrals to mental health specialists and certified health coaching

Orthopedic Care

-Joint pain evaluation

-Muscle pain evaluation

-Joint Injection/Aspiration *

-Trigger Point Injection *

-Custom splinting for minor joint injuries*

-Referrals to specialists, imaging studies, podiatrist, chiropractic care, physical therapy

Women’s Health

-Pelvic & Breast exams

-Pap smears (discounted rates) *

-Birth control management*

-Referrals for mammogram and bone density testing

-BHRT (bio-identical hormone replacement therapy) & PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) *

Men’s Health

-Testosterone levels

-Erectile dysfunction

-PSA levels (prostate cancer screening) *

-BRHT (bio-identical hormone replacement therapy)

Dermatology Care

-Skin cancer screening

-Skin biopsy *

-Skin tag removal*

-Freezing lesions (wart, actinic keratosis, etc.)*

-Cyst removal/drainage (scalp or skin) *

-Ingrown toenail removal *

-Treatment of common dermatology disorders:


-Thinning hair






-Referral to specialist, aesthetics services

Other In-Office Procedures

-Urine analysis

-Glucose finger stick

-Strep swab

-Nebulizer treatments *

-Ear wax removal*

-Urine pregnancy test*

-IV fluid hydration*

* Costs for services, labs, pathology, imaging, supplies, and medications are not included in the membership.