Many families have to schedule different medical appointments each month because everyone has a different doctor who practices in a different office, often in a different area across town. There is a way to streamline your family care so that everyone is scheduled at the same office. At Bloom La Vie Health in Kansas City, MO, not only are we an office you can trust, but we are a Family Medicine provider who can care for the health of everyone in your family under one roof.

What Is Family Medicine?

Doctors who practice Family Medicine specialize in family health. They can treat patients of all ages and can offer many different types of services. They are convenient and accessible because they save you countless trips to different offices, minimize scheduling hassles, and give you everything your family needs under one roof. Our doctors will get to know you and your entire family, and in doing so, form a doctor-patient relationship unlike any other.

Internal Medicine

Those who solely practice internal medicine diagnose and treat illnesses. Family doctors act as internists, among other things, and can care for any family member who is sick or has a medical condition. Whether you, your partner, your child, or your whole family is sick, a family doctor can treat everyone. From infections to concerns about high blood pressure, family doctors can treat and diagnose any issue you may have.

When dealing with more complex issues like mental health, anxiety, depression, ADHD, or substance abuse issues, we can help treat the condition and refer the individual to a specialist if needed. Additionally, we can help with chronic disease management, diagnose and treat metabolic syndrome, thyroid disorders, asthma, allergies, and migraines.

Preventative Medicine

Preventative medicine refers to routine visits. It includes everything from baby well check-up visits to sport’s physicals. At our office, we can meet all of your preventative medicine needs, from routine wellness exams, sports, and school physicals to pre-operatory and medical clearance exams. From your baby to your teenager, we can take care of every necessary visit.

For adults under 30, we recommend a routine wellness check-up every two to three years, and for adults over 30, we recommend annual visits. Additionally, we’ll be able to provide you with any vaccines that you and your family members need, perform health screenings, and discuss your health and any concerns you may have.

Health Evaluations

When you need a health evaluation, you won’t have to look any farther than our office. We can perform several health evaluations that can help you learn more about your body and what steps you need to take to reach optimal health.

Cardiometabolic Risk Evaluations

We can perform a cardiometabolic risk evaluation which will assess your current state of health so that you can learn exactly where you stand when it comes to cardiovascular disease and even diabetes. Once we get these results, we will review them with you and can then develop a treatment plan that will detail the steps you need to take to avoid developing these diseases.

Nutrition Evaluation and Counseling

At Bloom La Vie Health, we know that nutrition matters. This is one of the many reasons that we perform nutrition evaluations during which we will evaluate your diet and walk you through the foods you eat each day and determine what changes are necessary for optimal health. During nutrition counseling, we can help you understand how your negative food choices affect your body and help you take the necessary steps to create positive changes in your diet.

Fitness and Body Composition Evaluation

Sometimes it takes a fitness and body composition evaluation from a health expert for someone to wake up to the reality that they are unhealthy and need to change. Some people tune out their family members or close friends when they tell them that they need to make changes in their diet and fitness routines, but when a health professional communicates these same things, something clicks.

We will be that person and can perform a fitness and body composition evaluation to help you understand exactly where you stand in terms of your health, your diet, and your current exercise routine. We can help you understand the negative implications involved with that making no changes, and conversely, we can help you see the positive changes that will occur in your physical, emotional, and mental health when your diet, fitness routine, and health align.

Pain Management

In Family Medicine, we also help patients deal with chronic pain. You won’t have to search for an additional provider to help you with this aspect of your health. We’ll provide you with all of the different options and develop a treatment plan based on your needs and your lifestyle so that you can manage your pain and live the best life possible.

Referrals To Specialists

While a family doctor can meet most of your health needs, some will require the expertise of a specialist. For those times, we will have you covered. We will refer you to our most trusted colleagues who will help solve your health issues and provide you with the care that you need. When we do refer you, we can send you to certain specialists who will offer you a discounted rate. If we can’t solve a health issue, we’ll find someone we trust who will.

We know that health, nutrition, and fitness are essential to helping you stay as healthy as possible, which is why we are happy to refer you to health coaches, registered dieticians, and fitness specialists at discounted rates.

Streamline Your Health Care

Choosing a practitioner who specializes in Family Medicine is the simplest way to streamline your health care. You’ll save yourself time, money, and the hassle of scheduling multiple appointments with multiple doctors at multiple locations in your area. You will have someone you can trust with not only your health but the health of everyone in your family. You’ll get everything you need under one roof, and when you need something more, we’ll point you in the right direction. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.